Godina osnivanja: 2014

Grad: Slovenj Gradec

Žanr: Synth Pop

Kratka biografija: Philom is a Slovenian music group founded in April 2014 in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia. The band consists of three individuals, mostly musicians and amateur art enthusiasts – Aleš Gangl (vocals, synths), Aleš Krevh (synths) and Andraž Sešelj (drums). They are focused on ideas and small projects that can be realized with minimal or no budget. The whole creative production is carried out with DIY attitude, which means that they do everything by themselves – from writing, performing, recording to production, management, PR, marketing, organization, etc. They work under the influence of immediate impressions from everyday life, personal experiences, culture and global phenomena. In creating their music the band uses electronic tools such as computers, synths, Vst plugins combined with traditional rock setup. Due to home-made production and catchy, melodic songs, they label themselves as underground pop.

Demo izdanja: Face The Music (2015)

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