Tight Grips

Godina osnivanja: 2014

Grad: Karlovac

Žanr: Rock

Kratka biografija: Tight Grips is rock band from Croatia! This four member band begun it's journey in summer of 2014. . Founding members Krešimir Ćurić and Lukas Šomek knew each other for quite some time and had decided to form a band. As they already had expirience in music, the making of the first songs was pretty quick and efficient. After laying some instrumentals Roko Bunčić joined as a vocalist, soon he left the bend due to his education. At this time the bend started chasing a new direction and the band got two new members: Matija Petrunić (bass) and Mato Valentić (guitar). This lineup did a fair amount of shows and then broke up when Krešimir and Lukas seperated their visions of the band. Krešimir and Matija then continued and accepted two new members: Vedran Ivković (guitar) and Joško Stojanov (drums). The new lineup is now performing live and at the same time recording the first album called "Storyline".

Demo izdanja: Tight Grips (2014), Storyline (2016)

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