Godina osnivanja: 2014

Grad: Novi Sad

Žanr: Electro Industrial

Kratka biografija: Psyhound is electro industrial / aggrotech project created by Aleksandar Nađ in 2014. The first idea of this project is formed way back in 2008 under the name of Surreal Eternity, as a result of Aleksandar’s experiments with dark electronic and harsh music. Same year he releases his first EP ‘Cure Me!’ and demo/promo album ‘Hate?’ in 2009. With help from Jelena Biković, Aleksandar brought his music to stage and in 2009. they perform on EXIT Festival on Elektrana stage. During the later development the sound coming from this project slowly changed, adding more and more elements of trance music and by 2013. completely shifted into futurepop/trance genre, abandoning old songs. In 2014. Aleksandar decided to split the project and by creating ‘psyhound’ bring his old tracks back to life.

Demo izdanja: Single ,,Cure Me”

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